Wooden Surfboards Gallery

by Pat Lyon    

Innovation & Involvement

A 20 year involvement in the surfboard industry, and a lifetime working with wood , has enabled me to make all types of wooden surfboards, from traditional Solid Balsa Malibus and Guns, to lightweight high performance Shortboards, Hybryds and timeless older designs. I love making custom blanks for shapers and designers with an interest in wooden surfboards. Surfboard built with hollow-frame construction have been around for many years , since the days of Tom Blake in Hawaii , and through the 50’s in Australia with Joe Larkin ,Gordon Woods , Bill Wallace and a few others. Hollows have their own special qualities and can still perform at a high level. They are best suited to more traditional designs.

The Magic of Foam and Wood

The combination of foam and wood is hard to beat . EPS foam has excellent floatation and is very easy to shape. It’s a bit too light on its own, but when combined with the right wood ,using the right process , it can yield a lightweight, strong surfboard that can meet any weight , performance or size requirements from sub 5lb pro short boards to a 12 ft. sup and beyond there are no limits ! Our processes have been developing for over 15 years and our research and development program keeps giving us more. It’s not a compsand construction. Our first boards were solid balsa…..from there, we began reducing the amount of timber that didn’t need to be in the board, the same way that traditional chambering methods were developed many years ago….. we didn’t stop there, we continued with 2 main guidelines – performance and structural integrity. Different surfboards require different blanks to achieve the correct weight balance and performance requirements and we have blanks to cover all bases, from solid balsa to many combinations using “the magic of foam and wood”…

Wooden Surfboards Gallery

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