Do you only make custom built furniture?

Short answer is, Yes & No!

Everything we do is made to order, so once you place an order with us, either from our catalogue range OR a custom-made project, we will build one just for you.

What is your lead time?

Usually about 8-12 weeks, it depends on the project and current workload.

How much can I expect to pay?

The price of each item is influenced by several factors: design, materials, labour intensity & volume.

What we do is put your ideas onto paper & make them reality. We build that exact piece you have envision but can’t find anywhere. It might be a wall unit built to fit with specific measurements to display that beautiful vase you brought from your trip to Paris…

We will build one-off just for you, to your requirements, your choice of timber, finishes, details and to fit YOUR space….  If you are all about budget, and have been searching for imported items manufactured in China, you might find us out of your price range, but if you are looking for Australian made, quality craftsmanship & high standard joinery methods, you will find that we are pretty competitive with our price.

“Great things take time”.

What is the difference between Customised and Bespoke Furniture?

A customised piece is a variation of one of the items from our catalogue range.

In other words, you are choosing a design from our ‘Furniture Range’, in a different timber/size/finish not available as an option. The design or construction method itself doesn’t change. A customised option will increase the price depending on your choices.

A bespoke piece is designed by us to you. We will offer design consultation & high standard documentation, including 3D drawings and renders on request. You can bring an image that you are inspired by, but we will add our own “spin” and present a proposed variation of that design, with our own construction methods. A design fee may be charged upfront and then documentation or a hand sketch will be created and presented along with the quote.

Can I have my own design made by Currumbin Woodworks?

Yes, if you have all the necessary documentation, drawings/sketches, plans, spacing, thicknesses and all your choices of materials & finishes, ready for quoting. Over the years, we have found that only if you work within the industry as a Designer/Architect/Builder… you will understand the design process have all these answers.

Most times, the public come to us with dimensions, a photo & a choice of timber (many times having only one of these things), thinking that is all we need for a custom-built design. Fact is, designing something from scratch is a throughout process that usually takes many hours to work out before a costing is even started. Our team of designers are experts in furniture design and will work with you to envision your project and bring it to life.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes, we do freight Australia wide. We do not margin on delivery so you will pay exactly what the freight company charges. We also offer a pick up option from our Currumbin workshop.

How do I place an order?

If you are purchasing an item from the website, follow the payment options and we will be in contact with you to confirm your order.

If it is a customised or bespoke project, once design & quote phases have been completed and you would like to proceed with an order, a 30 to 50% deposit will be required to accept the project into our system. Balance will be due 7 days before completion. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

Can I supply my own timber to have something made?

In most cases yes, but this will be decided on a case by case basis. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Do you work with commercial clients?

Absolutely. We have worked in many commercial projects and collaborations over the years. Most of our commercial clients that have been with us for years. Get in touch for more information & check our projects page for more insight about our work.

Do timbers vary in price range?

Yes! We work with most Australian native timbers and there is a vast range of options. We suggest timbers that are fit for purpose, in terms of colours, texture, looks and applicability for each project. We try to select species that are rapidly available, good to work with & meet with client’s budget. Some species that over the years (especially after the recent bushfires) have had a substantial increase in costs.