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The word “we” as used below refers to Lyon Furniture Australia P/L aka Currumbin Woodworks.

We design & build quality solid timber furniture in sustainable timbers.

Solid Timber being an organic product, is naturally hard wearing and resilient, and its use promotes the replanting and sound management of the world’s most sustainable and regenerative forests. Timber is the world’s most reliable resource into the future. Therefor, the more trees we plant, the more we help our Planet & the cleaner the air is…

Please take the time to read through our conditions. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware that, by accessing our website or buying any of our products, you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. The materials contained in this website are protected by Copyright and Trademark Law.

It is important to be aware of our Terms & Conditions particularly when ordering a custom-made piece at Currumbin Woodworks (Lyon Furniture Australia Pty Ltd).

Quotation & Prices

All custom-made quoted prices are based on the information provided by the client in writing and any alteration or changes to the specifications on the quote may incur an alteration fee. Delivery is not included on our quoted prices. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars and prices include gst.

Some quotes may require an Initial Design Sketch to communicate an Idea and support the quote. If your project requires a drawing, that will be sent along with the quote. Quotes are valid for 14 days (errors & omissions excepted). Ex Stock item prices as promoted on our website are subject to availability, please call to confirm.

Order Confirmation

For a custom order to be accepted into our system we require a 50% deposit to cover initial costs. By paying deposit you agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. Balance will be due upon completion and prior to despatch. Remaining balance is due to be paid 7 days before despatch of the goods to allow freight bookings to be confirmed. Once deposit payment is processed, an Invoice will be sent, and the order will be confirmed. It is the client’s responsibility to check Invoice’s description carefully, ensuring all relevant details are noted and correct. Verbal discussions via Phone or In-Person in our Showroom will not be considered, unless sent in writing. Your order will be sent to our Design Team for Project’s Design Confirmation.

Initial & Confirmation Sketches

Initial Sketches – Initial Design Sketches are supplied to communicate an Idea/Design and often used to support the initial quote (if necessary). These are quick sketch drawings, not to scale, but noting key elements of the design as understood from the client.

Confirmation Sketches – These are drawings produced after an order has been placed with us & your project has been sent to our Design Team. At that stage, all details will be confirmed with the client and a Confirmation Design Sketch, up to scale, including all necessary information of your project, will be sent for client’s review and approval in accordance with accepted quote details

The client may NOT use these drawings for any other purposes, commercial or non-commercial, modify the materials, transfer, or attempt to copy any information contained on the sketches. Any use without written given permission by Currumbin Woodworks, will be a violation of our Copyrights and Terms & Conditions.

Choosing Timber & Allowing For Timber Movement

Solid timber is a natural product, every piece different and unique.

You may think that a piece of bespoke timber furniture is just a piece of wood, but there are many different species of timber out there, and each has unique characteristics and qualities. As a hygroscopic material all solid timber will constantly equate to it’s surrounding moisture conditions throughout the seasons and take and release moisture – allowing for this is an integral part of the design of our pieces. We use both select (knot-free) and feature grade timbers and note this as quoted. Allowing for timber movement in designing and making furniture is essential.

Also there exists natural variations in wood, including knots, cracks, colours, gum veins, worm holes & grains. These are individual to each tree and are not considered to be faults, in fact, they serve to make every piece individua on its characteristics This means that different wood types are suited to different uses. Timber choice is a very important part of our design process. We stock a variety of beautiful slabs and unique timbers. We source from local timber getters and sustainably sourced suppliers. When built with quality joinery and construction methods solid timber is an extremely hard wearing and quality material for furniture. The cost of the wood used in furniture varies, mostly driven by availability but also by beauty and fit for purpose. Most importantly is to keep in mind is that being a natural organic product, timber will keep “breathing” moisture in and out, depending on conditions and its surroundings, therefore allow for timber’s movement is crucial. It will do so until it reaches a point of Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). All producers of Solid Timber cannot predict where an item will be placed or conditions that the item is going to be exposed to. Therefore, we can’t be responsible for timber movement, we can only provide the best advice if it does occur, so please get in contact with us.

Changes To Your Order

As each piece of furniture we produce is made to order, custom built & handcrafted to your choices and selections, an order may or may not be changed, depending on what stage of the process it is. Any alterations must be sent in writing and Currumbin Woodworks will consider the best way to assist you. If you order is already in production, changes will be not guaranteed. Any changes made to custom orders will incur extra costs. If the customer requests any changes after the order is completed there is no guarantee it will be accepted and if it is considered will have to be re-scheduled according to existing work.

Production Schedule

Once deposit has been paid and an order has been placed into our system, your project will be added to our schedule of works. Lead times will vary according to demand. Timeframe will depend on how busy the workshop is at the time. The first few weeks will be all about confirming the design, working out all the details, ordering & receiving material. It all comes together at the end!

Cancelling Your Order, Refunds & Returns

Currumbin Woodworks do not offer refunds or exchanges for a change of orders of custom-made projects or incorrect items purchased. Currumbin Woodworks (Lyon Furniture Pty Ltd) reserves the right to retain the deposit payments to cover the costs incurred for Design, Planning & Materials, if an order is cancelled. Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions before placing an order. We are available to assist you in any concerns or queries you may have before proceeding with your order.

Faulty Items – A faulty or damage item must be reported to Currumbin Woodworks within 7 days of receiving your goods. Currumbin Woodworks will replace any damaged or faulty items. Please be sure to follow the furniture care guide on our website as Currumbin Woodworks (Lyon Furniture Pty Ltd) will not be responsible for any damage caused by the consumer.


A 50% deposit is required for order to be placed. Once we receive payment, an Invoice with updated balance will be sent, showing deposit and remaining balance. Balance of the order must be paid before pickup or delivery. An invoice will be sent along with photos. Payment must be made within 3 days. Currumbin Woodworks must receive payment of the balance to book delivery.


All quotes do not include delivery. A delivery can be quoted upon client’s request. Deliveries are outsourced to professional companies and can only be arranged once address & site access details are provided. Currumbin Woodworks will only book delivery once order’s balance payment is made and delivery payment has been received. Delivery must occur within 7 days of order’s completion and if customer is unable to receive the item, storage charges will be applied due to our storage area being very limited in space (Fee of $50,00 per day). Storage fees must be paid before item’s despatch. It is required that someone is present to inspect all furniture delivered. In the event that you receive a product that appears to have been damage in transit, you should refuse to accept delivery, take a photo of the damage, direct courier to “Return Goods to Sender” & Contact us immediately via email. Any damages must be notified to the delivery company and to Currumbin Woodworks. We cannot be responsible for any damage caused during loading/unloading & travel time. Customers can arrange an alternative delivery service or pick up themselves. Pick up must be booked during Currumbin Woodworks business hours. Our furniture does not come wrapped or packed, therefore bringing someone to help and your own packing material is recommended.

Please refer to our website for advice on Care & further information on warranty. Thank you!


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